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Law Library Services

Firmly based on its high-quality legal collection and specialists, it carries out
integrated national legal information management by providing domestic and
international laws to the Parliament and the public.
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    • Foreign Law Translation
      In order to provide foreign legislative cases necessary for legislative activities, we investigate and collect laws related to major countries’ enactment, revisions, and pending issues and establish and provide databases in original languages as well as translated documents.
    • Latest Foreign Legislation Information
      We investigate and provide domestic and international legal information related to legislative issues.
    • Latest Laws and Precedents of Foreign Countries
      We provide lists and original texts of major laws and precedents enacted and amended in foreign countries.
    • Announcement of Pending Legislation
      We introduce the background and discussion processes of legislation that is enacted and revised based on laws on social issues.
    • Legal Document Subject Classification
      We classify and service the legal materials housed in the library by subject according to the National Legal Resources Standard Classification System for easy access.
    • Legal Issues
      When a bill passed by the National Assembly is enacted or amended, we summarize and organize issues that have been discussed socially or politically and provide relevant information (for example, the National Assembly Standing Committee review reports, examination reports, and minutes).
    • Legal Information Center and National Assembly Members’ Reading Rooms
      The reading rooms house recently published legal books, collections of statutes from different countries, minutes of parliamentary sessions, and materials submitted by the government. The legislative proposals, meeting minutes, and examination reports produced during the National Assembly’s legislative process are also provided.